Dear Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science Graduate Students,

Welcome to the departmental portal for Masters and Ph.D. students! We are very excited to be working with such talented and hardworking students as yourselves.

As a MEMS graduate student, you are part of a community of learners dedicated to personal and professional success. There are many opportunities and resources outlined on the following pages to help you grow, learn, connect, and research while you are a student here at Duke.

The MEMS Department offers three graduate-level degrees: Masters of Science (MS) and a Ph.D., both parts of the Duke Graduate School. The Masters in Engineering (MEng) is part of the Pratt School of Engineering

We encourage all of our grad students to join the MEMS Graduate Student Committee and the Engineering Graduate Student Council to establish their professional and personal networks while contributing to the enhancement of our community.

Additionally, MEMS sends out a newsletter that aggregates the information weekly that you should sign up for here. The newsletter contains curated information specific to graduate students in our department; check out the archive here.

Your first point of contact for any questions or concerns should be Shauntil Gray for the Master’s Program Coordinator or Michell Tampe Ph.D. Program Coordinator.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions! 

George Delagrammatikas, Ph.D.

Director of Master’s Studies 

Christine Payne, Ph.D.

Director of Graduate Studies