I am an Associate Professor of Radiology, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Biostatistics and Bioinformatics, and Computer Science at Duke University. I am also the Scientific Director of the Duke Center for Artificial Intelligence in Radiology and the Director of Radiology Imaging at Duke AI Health. My formal background is in electrical engineering, machine learning, and philosophy.

I lead a lab that focuses on development of machine learning algorithms for computer vision and their applications in medical imaging. Our laboratory spans the School of Medicine, School of Engineering, and the College of Arts and Sciences. On the interface of these disciplines, our aim is to develop rigorous engineering solutions to real problems in medicine. We work on a wide range of applications including cancer and musculoskeletal imaging. Our recent technical interests include domain adaptation and generalization, anomaly detection, and class imbalance in convolutional neural networks.

My leadership functions as the Scientific Director of Duke Center for AI in Radiology and the Director of Radiology Imaging at Duke AI Health focus on developing a research infrastructure and a community of engineers and clinicians who work together to develop and implement AI algorithms for broadly understood medical images. I works with leaders across different schools and departments at Duke and beyond of issues related research resources and funding, hiring, information technology, and other.

I share my work in invited talks in academic and governmental agency settings. I also contribute my more general/philosophical thoughts on the future and ethics of AI in medicine in opinion papers for scientific journals. My work has been sponsored by the National Institutes of Health, The US Deparment of Defense, Radiological Society of North America, industry, and Duke internal competitive grants.

Twitter: @MazurowskiPhD, @MazurowskiLab, @Duke_DAIR, @Duke_Spark

Github:https://github.com/mazurowski-lab, https://github.com/MaciejMazurowski

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/maciej-mazurowski-1137173/

Initiatives: DAIR, Duke Spark