FALL 2014 Courses

Quantitative Political Inquiry and Evaluation (POLSCI 330-01)
MW 4:40-5:55

Theory and practice of causal inference in political science research and policy impact evaluation. Students master how to test hypotheses and evaluate the substantive impacts of policy treatments using regression, experimental and survey techniques. Also develop skills in software applications such as Stata and R. Assigned texts assist learning of both the quantitative methods and how they are applied in practice and assignments emphasize practical applications.


Political Economy of Southeast Asia
(POLSCI 338-01)
MW 3:05-4:20

Course studies the history, political institutions, and economic development of South East Asia. Topics include the history of the region including the pre-colonial period, forms of colonialism, the impact of World War II, the struggles for independence, nationalism, and communism, and the impact of the Asian Financial Crisis; tools of political economy to place the countries in a broader comparative perspective; and issues of great powers in South East Asia and the growing influence of political Islam in the region.