I am available to discuss the political economy of development in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar, governance in single-party states, and the politics of corporate welfare in the U.S. and Vietnam.

My research has appeared in multiple media outlets, including The Washington Post, The New York Times, Reuters, and Bloomberg Businessweek.

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2022 Media

2021 Media Appearances

2021.11.03: Webinar, “Nothing is Impossible: America’s Reconciliation with Vietnam (book talk with Ambassador Ted Osius)

2021.10.08: Webinar, “Under Beijing’s Shadow: Southeast Asia’s China Challenge with Murray Hiebert

2021.06.08: The Fiona Show: Transfer Pricing – Episode 101: Audits on the Rise in Vietnam (interview featuring CrossBorder Solutions Chief Economist Mimi Song and Duke University professor Eddy Malesky discussing how Vietnamese MNEs can brace themselves for the impact of heightened transfer pricing scrutiny)

2021.06.07: Communism: Past, Present And Future – Germany & Vietnam | CNA Correspondent | Politics (interview on Vietnamese elections and political reforms with CNA Correspondent Jeremy Koh; segments begin at 2:24 and 7:06)

2021.04.20: Giáo sư Mỹ tiết lộ cội nguồn cải cách ở Quảng Ninh với ‘nhiệm kỳ đặc biệt’ từ 10 năm trước [“American Professor reveals the roots of reform in Quang Ninh with a ‘special term’ from 10 years ago”] (interview for CafeF News, Vietnam; article in Vietnamese)

2021.04.14: Official launch of PCI 2020 Report (LỄ CÔNG BỐ BÁO CÁO CHỈ SỐ NĂNG LỰC CẠNH TRANH CẤP TỈNH (PCI) VIỆT NAM 2020) (video)

2021.04.08: Phân tích: Chuyên gia quốc tế: Nên thúc đẩy các tập đoàn tư nhân lớn [“Analysis: International Experts Suggest Promoting Large Private Corporations”] (interview with Ân Phạm, Quốc Tuệ, and Cảnh Toàn for Zing News, Vietnam; article in Vietnamese)

2021.04.05: Phân tích: Chuyên gia quốc tế đánh giá về tân Thủ tướng Phạm Minh Chính [“Analysis: An international expert assessed the new Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh”] (interview with Hương Ly and Hồng Ngọc for Zing News, Vietnam; article in Vietnamese)

2021.02.11: The genie will not return to the bottle: Understanding the pro-democracy protests in Myanmar (posted at the Brookings Institution, Southeast Asia Insights)

2021.02.03: Nhà đầu tư nước ngoài trông chờ gì ở Việt Nam sau Đại hội XIII? [“What do foreign investors expect in Vietnam after the XIII Congress?“] (includes video interview; article in Vietnamese)


2021 Media

2020 Media Appearances

2020.12.11: How’s Business? We Have a Benchmark for That (Asia Foundation blog post by and interview with Ville Peltovuori about the Myanmar Business Environment Index (MBEI), a collaborative project to which I contributed research, analysis, and expertise)

2020.09.01: 2020 ONE-SIM Outreach Award Winners (video)


2020.08.26: How 63 Provinces Have Responded to PAPI Findings (video)


2020.07.30: [JEAS Editor’s Pick] Single Party Incumbency Advantage in Vietnam (video)


2020.05.23: Vietnam’s automation future at work (Vietnam Investment Review)


2020.05.20: Reopening Vietnam: How the country’s improving governance helped it weather the COVID-19 pandemic (Brookings)
Vietnamese: Nỗ lực bền bỉ nào giúp Việt Nam đồng lòng chống đại dịch?


2020.05.14: Keys to nation’s investment optimism (Vietnam News)


2020.05.05: Online launch ceremony of the 2019 Provincial Competitiveness Index (video)


2020.04.29: Launch summary of the 2019 PAPI report (video)


2020 Media


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2015.02.27: Duke Faculty Spotlight – Eddy shares a look into his classroom, his travels and his upcoming book (video)

video produced by the Office of Global Strategy and Programs at Duke



2013.03.11: Vietnam: Will a New Constitution Kickstart Development? (video)


2012.10.17: Entrevista Dr. Edmund Malesky – 17Oct2012 – Proyecto de USAID para la Competitividad Municipal


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