Lit 80, Fall 2013

Synesth Sense: Google Glass Challenge (Kim, Matt, and Liz)

November 21st, 2013 | Posted by Kim Arena in Uncategorized”

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  • Maureen Guarcello says:

    Kim, Matt and Liz,

    It would be so fun to “see” Beethoven’s 5th Symphony! Similarly, it would probably be terrifying to see anything by Lady Gaga. Kidding aside, the concept to bring a neurological condition only experienced by some people, to the consciousness and literally the eyes of the public, is clever and potentially useful to people with sensory impairment, as you mentioned in your proposal.

    If I was conducting an ethical audit of the app, I would raise questions about misuse and abuse of the instrument. Putting the app in the wrong hands, perhaps someone who wanted to experience potentially dangerous behaviors in different ways would pose a societal hazard. There would also need to be automatic controls to keep spontaneous noises and undesirable heightened experiences from injuring the user (e.g. police sirens, concerts, fireworks).

    My best,

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