Lit 80, Fall 2013

Google Glass App Challenge: Deja Vu

Google Glass App Challenge

Created by Mithun Shetty, Shane Stone, and Xin Zhang


XperienceLearning– Google Glass Challenge


Synesth Sense: Google Glass Challenge (Kim, Matt, and Liz)

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  1. Maureen Guarcello

    Dear Mithun, Shane and Xin,

    Coming from a fast-paced marketing, higher education and tech standpoint, you are an extraordinarily efficient team! Your idea, the proposal and the presentation are each top rate. The notion of perfection has infiltrated our U.S. society from expectations of children to those we have of ourselves. This app addresses that pressure, but also softens the notion with a promise of learning new things through an impartial kinesthetic “instructor.”

    If I was conducting an ethical audit of the app, I would have some concerns about user safety, (e.g. wearing Google Glass and trying to swing a bat or filet a fish). This is definitely a shortcut to finding a users’ Achilles Heel, and well-stated in the proposal. I would also question the implicit “right way” to do something. Maybe crowd-sourced data could bring the individualistic level down and raise the communal level of the app’s lessons.

    My best,

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