My project will examine non-linear narratives in several different mediums to fully examine the implications, both literary and artistically, of this design choice.  I will analyze Ba and Moon’s graphic Daytripper, Christopher Nolan’s film Memento, and another film or video game that remains unselected.  My media element will consist of visual timelines for each work that aid in understanding the flow of the plot and are seamlessly integrated into the essay.  I plan to study how the effect of non-linear structures mimics and reflects imperfections and affordances of human memory.  The main question I am tackling is – why do artists and writers choose to employ non-linear narratives, and what does it add (qualitatively) to the experience of viewers/readers?  My goal is to find common links shared across different mediums and stories that use non-linear plotlines, and to relate these connections to the way that the humand mind perceives reality.