Sorry that I am not able to make it to class today, but I am going home early! However, I am uploading some of the results I received for my Facebook analytics.

Out of all the information the Wolfram shared about my profile, I thought the friend connect map was the most impressive! I thought that it was very indicative of my social circles. Essentially, I have two large groups and it makes a lot of sense because one of them is my high school circle and the other is my Duke University social circle. It was great to think about that going back home, because I never really thought about the divide between the two until looking at this connection map and it really impacted me. I never thought about how related my friends are to each other and Wolfram was able to summarize my social circle in about 10 seconds.



The other interesting interpretive graphic that I connected with a lot was the word frequency chart, where surely enough, DUKE and BOLIVIA were some of the most used words in my status posts. I thought that the chart was pretty accurate, and that it didn’t use just status posts but also comments I made in various Facebook groups and photos, so the Wolfram Analytics was very thorough in this regard.



Lastly, I am posting my Facebook bot that produced something pretty random but very funny:


Going to TC and to sleep at Strathmore at the Hispanic Alliance for education reception I’m on my way they run with my sis and and then stay in ARGENTINA this summer!!