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Permaculture Blog

I think permaculture is an important step toward a more sustainable future and one that I think people would be interested in pursuing if they are given the information. There are many sustainable solutions that a lot of people don’t really get excited for (like many people wouldn’t give up meat in their diet or even stop taking 20 minute showers, despite the environmental benefits of both). Permaculture seems like an idea that people could actually get behind once they saw it in action, and continue to support because they genuinely like it. Reading other students’ blogs, it seems that almost everyone thought permaculture was really interesting and that there were so many things that could be done with it. If this knowledge of permaculture spread further out, I think the general public would get on board with it.

In the video we watched in class, we saw a large range of examples of permaculture. From whole farms redesigning how they operate efficiently, to local rooftop gardens, to backyard gardens with bountiful food harvests—the possibilities are endless. When people see and realize how much could be done with permaculture, and that it is good for the environment at the same time, more will become interested and before we know it, maybe every rooftop will have a garden and every house a personal farm harvest. Permaculture will lead to a more sustainable and efficient future, while also bringing nature back into urban spaces. Permaculture will both figuratively and literally green our future.

An example of permaculture greening our urban environment (PC:


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