Ecotopia *LATE

Ecotopia *LATE

Life in Ecotopia continues to amaze me every day that I am here. Whether it be the mindsets of the people, the high-speed eco-friendly transportation, or the technology, it is incredible how far this society has come.


The difference in the people here really stand out. Everyone is so friendly, always willing to help each other out with whatever they need. I can just imagine the transition period from the old society to this “green” world. One person asks for help building their garden and everyone within a ten-mile radius is standing strong, ready to lend a helping hand to the cause.


I always wonder how these people lost their seemingly capitalist nature. No one here wears brand clothes, everyone wants their neighbor to succeed. Ecotopia only gained its independence nineteen years ago, but yet it seems as though Ecotopians were born this way despite having environmental education. They must’ve had to train and adapt quickly to the new way of life, especially due to the horrors following independence.


The next generation is full of up and coming environmentalists. When I was at Marissa’s the other day, I saw a baby relaxing on his mat, playing with his toys. When I was young I had the cube where we put the different shapes in their corresponding slots. Yet, still unable to walk, this baby had three shapes, waste, recycling, and compost, and was correctly able to match them up. This type of behavior is incredible, the power of teaching the youth how to life sustainable lives.

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