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April 22nd, 2017 | Posted by Nanki Singh in Uncategorized


Colonialism and Indian Forests

The project will be a narrative/social commentary that will encompass:


  • The history of forests in India
  1. In ancient Texts
  2. In The Indian Dynasty
  3. In The Mughal Dynasty 
  • People’s relationship with the Forests (Then)
  1. Folk Stories
  2. Poems
  • Colonialism
  1. What forests meant for/to the Imperialists
  2. Change in the Indian Topography
  3. Beliefs and Attitudes
  4. Predominant species of Trees/ Introduction of new Species
  5. Laws and Regulations 
  • Current Situation


  1. Highlight and find laws that are from the British era
  2. Assessment of current use of Forests
  3. What is our attitude towards the forest now?




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