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April 25th, 2017 | Posted by Riley Cohen in Uncategorized

Project Summary:

Throughout the project, I will explore the Keystone Pipeline in all its complexities. Specifically, I want to explore the economic impacts of the Keystone Pipeline, the environmental impacts,  its impacts on America’s Native population, and predict the future of America. I want to conclude the project with an exploration of two different futures, one where the Keystone Pipeline isn’t built and another where it is.


Project Outline:

  • Economic Impact:
    • Impact of the Oil Sands on Canadian economy
    • An analysis of oil and the American economy
    • Economic prospects
    • Economic detriments:
      • Environment and the economy
      • Sustainable economic development


  • Environmental Impact:
    • Increase in oil production
    • Impact of construction (carbon footprint/animals)
    • Climate change in general
    • Impact on people


  • Impact on Natives:
    • An analysis of Native rights in general in America
    • How the Keystone Pipeline fits into that narrative
    • Why Native rights matter


  • Interactive Timeline:
    • This interactive pipeline will include the two possible futures

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