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Venetus – The Earth’s last saving grace

  1. Superpower :  Her steps leave plants behind, and she has vines sprout out of her hands. Also brings dead plants back to life. Speaks to animals and plants
  2. Name:  Venetus (green) , Flora  (general name)
  3. Motto: Everything deserves to grow
  4. Outfit: Varies: sometimes it is a mummified green yellow wrap when she is in superhero form
  5. Appearance: Lives on a permaculture farm, and looks normal – always looks like she is slightly jaundiced (skin is yellow) . She appears perpetually weak on the outside, and people think she is always weird and sad loner.
  6. Transportation: Her real car is a prius. Her superhero car is giant bee that can shoot out little sting needles. It pollinates anything underneath it.
  7. Weakness:  Heat and smoke (for her bee), pesticides hurt her
  8. Sdiekicks: Has a dog with green spots
  9. Villain: Humans doing environmentally unfriendly things, ozone killa
  10. Form/species: Gender-neutral alien
  11. Backstory:  Was in a earth-like planet, raised by parents, sent in a plant pod because planet was dying because of anti-eco friendly stuff going on, resulting in severe climate change. So she comes here, and gains superpowers.

By: Thabit Pulak, Victoria Grant, Nanki Singh