My name is Liel Sapir. I am a husband and father, and I am also a postdoc associate at Duke University, working in Prof. Michael Rubinstein’s group at the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science. Previously, I did my Masters and PhD under the mentorship of Prof. Daniel Harries in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. I have also worked as a postdoc with Prof. Shelly Tzlil in the Technion, Haifa. 

My current research focuses on polymer elasticity. I employ Molecular Dynamics simulations and concepts from polymer physics to ask questions regarding elastic properties of polymers; from single chains under stress, randomly crosslinked networks, and polymer brushes. 

My other research interests include crowding and protein folding, solution thermodynamics, deep eutectic solvents, and osmolyte solutions. 


For more details – please see my CV