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There are many journals that accept narrative writing in a medical context, but they are not always easy to find.  Below is a table from a recent paper by Charon, Ship, and Asch, which they adapted from a blog post by Louise Aronson.  This table lists many journals that accept articles in the medical humanities, but there are others; many specialty journals have adopted narrative medicine sections (for example, Practical Radiation Oncology, which may not at first sound like fertile ground for narrative medicine, has recently expanded its Narrative Oncology section, and JAMA Oncology has an active narrative section entitled “Cancer Care Chronicles”).

The table below is taken from “Arts, Humanities, Medicine, and Discovery: a Creative Calling,” by Rita Charon, MD, Amy Ship, MD, and Steven M. Asch, MD, MPH, J Gen Intern Med, 2019.

Medical journalsMedical literary journals
Academic MedicineAbaton
Medicine and the ArtsArs Medica
Teaching and Learning MomentsAtrium
American Journal of Kidney DiseaseBellevue Literary Review
In a few wordsBlood and Thunder
Annals of Internal MedicineDaedalus
PerspectiveThe Examined Life
On Being a DoctorThe Healing Muse
On Being a PatientHektoen International
British Medical JournalHospital Drive
Personal ViewsThe Intima
FillersThe Pegasus Review
Canadian Medical Association JournalThe Pharos
SalonThe Yale Journal for Humanities in Medicine
Family Medicine
Narrative Essays
Health Affairs
Narrative Essays
Journal of American Medical Association
A Piece of My Mind
Poetry and Medicine
Journal of the American Geriatric Society
Old Lives Tales
Journal of General Internal Medicine
Healing Arts
Materia Medica
Text and Context
New England Journal of Medicine

Charon et al included the following caption underneath the table: Adapted with gratitude and permission from a blog post by Louise Aronson:
For another list see: