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Class of 2022

Adam Lin

  • Major: Biology major (pre-med)/Spanish and Chemistry minors
  • Hometown: Irvine, CA
  • What languages do you speak? English is my native language. I’m pursuing a Spanish minor and can speak and write it. I speak very minimal Mandarin. I’ve always wanted to learn French.
  • Favorite Cuisine: Japanese (sushi, ramen, udon), I also enjoy Italian food, especially pasta

Alexander Behura

  • Major: Linguistics and Asian & Middle Eastern Studies (Chinese) Majors with Chemistry Minor (pre-med)
  • Hometown: Yorba Linda, California
  • What languages do you speak? English, Chinese major, interested in Cantonese, French, Italian, and Bengali.
  • Favorite Cuisine: Thai

Andre Lindsay

Anna Yang

  • Major: Maj: Biology / Cert: Science & Society
  • Hometown: Oak Ridge NC
  • What languages do you speak? English and Mandarin!
  • Favorite Cuisine: This is too hard, but I cannot go without noodles and feta for extended periods of time

Arya Patel

  • Major: Public Policy and International Development. Minor in Economics
  • Hometown: Ahmedabad, GJ, India and Charlotte, NC
  • What languages do you speak? I am fluent in Hindi and Gujarati (though writing is a struggle). I’ve been learning Spanish since middle school but its gotten a little rusty, the korean entertainment industry has inspired me to self-learn Korean. I’d really like to work on Korean and dabble a little with Mandarin next 🙂
  • Favorite Cuisine: Gujarati, Mexican, and Thai

Bisma Suleman

  • Major: Psychology
  • Hometown: Hollywood, Florida
  • What languages do you speak? I am fluent in Urdu / Hindi, can read and write Arabic. I’m interested in learning Italian and Spanish
  • Favorite Cuisine: Seafood

cindy weng

  • Major: cs
  • Hometown: Florida
  • What languages do you speak? English + really bad Chinese
  • What languages would you like to learn: Spanish so i can pass the 303 class i’m in rn 🙁

Drew Genuit

Esther Zhang

  • Major: Neuroscience with minors in Psychology and Chemistry
  • Hometown: Harbin, Xi’an, Shanghai, Basking Ridge NJ, and Durham NC
  • What languages do you speak? I grew up speaking English and Chinese and studied Spanish from middle school to college. I’m interested in learning Korean, Japanese, and Hindi!
  • Favorite Cuisine: Chinese!

Gi Chun

Irene Qiao

  • Major: Computer science
  • Hometown: Central New Jersey
  • What languages do you speak? Some Mandarin, Spanish, and currently learning French and Korean

Jeffrey Zheng

  • Major: Chemistry
  • Hometown: Shanghai, China & Fremont, California, USA
  • What languages do you speak? Fluent in Chinese and good ol’ chinglish. Barely operational Shanghainese, knows weeb Japanese (aka I don’t actually, I just picked up phrases from watching too much), took Spanish and tried studying Korean.
  • Favorite Cuisine: Japanese

Jessie Ou

Jingxuan Liu

Karen Song

Kevin Tan

  • Major: Economics
  • Hometown: Green Brook, NJ
  • What languages do you speak? I speak embarrassingly bad Mandarin and can understand some Cantonese. I took Spanish in middle school and French in elementary school.
  • Favorite Cuisine: Soooo tough omg depends on my mood, but my tops are probably Sichuan, Japanese, Mediterranean, and Mexican

Linda Tang

  • Major: Biology, Statistics
  • Hometown: Changchun, China
  • What languages do you speak? I am fluent in Chinese and I am learning Spanish
  • Favorite Cuisine: hot pot

Natalie Chen

  • Major: International Comparative Studies, Economics, Markets & Management
  • Hometown: Los Angeles, Taiwan
  • What languages do you speak? Parent-approved level Chinese. High school Spanish. Kdrama level Korean. Oh yeah and English if that counts.
  • Favorite Cuisine: Japanese


  • Major: Statstics, neuroscience, cultural anthropology
  • Hometown: China, Singapore, America, Togo
  • What languages do you speak? Learned mandarin since I was born, listened to music while I was in the womb, learned Singlish in middle school, and French in high school. Hoping to learn Arabic, Jazz and Javascript.
  • Favorite Cuisine: Oh that’s hard… Vietnamese?

Sarabesh Natarajan

  • Major: B.S. in Chemistry with Concentration in Pharmacology and on the Pre-Medical Track
  • Hometown: Harrisburg, NC (right outside of Charlotte)
  • What languages do you speak? I have limited proficiency in Tamil and Hindi. I am perfectly fluent in English (surprise).
  • Favorite Cuisine: I don’t really have a particular cuisine that I love more than others, I just like to try new foods.

Simran Sokhi

  • Major: Biomedical Engineering
  • Hometown: Singapore
  • What languages do you speak? I am fluent in Hindi and can speak and understand Spanish at a conversational level. I also understand Punjabi, and am interested in learning Russian.
  • Favorite Cuisine: Thai

Tenzin Choeyang

Valerie Tsao

Charlie Zong

Euna Cho

Himanshu Jain

Mary Jiang

Samantha Tsang

Wei (David) Wu