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Who We Are

LangDorm is a Living Learning Community (LLC). Although our members come from all around the world, we are united by a common interest in cultures and languages.

Today, LangDorm is home to 50 members. Arabic, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, Thai, and numerous other languages have all been a part of LangDorm over the years.

Common events include language lessons, cooking sessions, game nights, movie nights, and group trips to downtown Durham. Each year we take a group trip for the weekend somewhere outside of Durham! Last year, we spent the weekend in a cabin in Asheville, NC. 

Why Join?

We are, at heart, a very wholesome and chill group of friends. Since we have members from many backgrounds and walks of life in our community, we always strive to create a very welcoming and accepting environment. We have members who have lived in the same city in the United States their whole lives, and others who have never been in the same house for more than a couple years. As long as you have an open mind and love food as much as we do, you will always be welcome in our community. We promise to keep you well nourished — literally and metaphorically.

Learn More/RUSH

We are hosting our Fall 2023 Rush for those interested in applying for our LLC. Check us out here.

Feel free to also check out our Instagram and Facebook to see what shenanigans we’ve been up to recently 🙂