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Past Events

GeoGuessr Party 2022
LangsGiving 2022
Spring Retreat 2022
Spring Retreat 2022
Snow Day!

KPop Dance Night Langdormites showed off their moves and learned a choreographed dance!
Ice Skating The 2023 iteration of a favorite event, Langdormites donned their blades and headed to the rink!
Casino Night A full house of games, Casino Night saw a long night of fun and bonding.
Rush Open House Interested students came for some bubble tea, to hear about LangDorm, and chat with current members!
Hot Cocoa and Snacks LangDormites reunited after the winter break — with all of the snacks they brought back!
Games and Culture In collaboration with the AMES department and Duke Gaming, a discussion about games and culture with Dr. Shai Ginsburg and then a night of gaming!
LangsGiving A LangDorm tradition, members prepare a dish from anywhere in the world and gather for a huge pre-Thanksgiving break potluck.
GeoGuessr party! As a study break during reading period, we brought snacks and battled against each other in GeoGuessr.
Talent Show LangDorm members shared their special talents, from origami folding, to singing, to magic tricks, to musical instruments. So much talent!
Ice Skating As winter rolled around, LangDorm members took to the ice! The night was filled with skating, spinning, (some falling), and cookout milkshakes after the fun!
Arabic Night LangDorm hosted Vice Provost and Professor of Liguistics, Abbas Benmamoun, for a night of discussion on language, Arabic, and enjoying authentic Medditeranean dinner catering from Sasool.
Calligraphy Under the Bridge We learned about Chinese calligraphy and met under the East Campus bridge to practice what we learned. Our legacy was preserved for a short time until it was legally defaced.
Field Day We invited Duke’s very own Professor Arya Roy of the Physics department and played some cricket! Joining us was Mehul Jain from Duke Cricket Club.
Snow Day LangDorm members played in the snow on a spontaneous day out during the snow day at Duke.
Welcome Back Game Night Our first event back from Winter Break! We pulled out all the international board games including a personalized version of LD Guess Who!
KTANE LangDorm partnered with the AMES Chinese Department and played the game Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes with the Chinese Circle!
Grape Juice and Cheese Tasting A phenomenal array of exquisite cheeses from around the world were sampled by LangDorm. The resounding favorite was the smoked Gouda, because it was the best!
Arabic Coffee and Sweets Studying in Arabic and Middle Eastern culture, one LangDormite hosted an Arabic desserts night with Baklava, Turkish Delights, and Arabic tea.
Gameshow Night LangDorm threw an evening of gameshow events, ranging from Family Feud to Lingo (think Wordle but FAST!). The room resounded with shouts of victories and defeats as we experienced the real highs and lows of college life with LD!
Texas Pecan Pie A native of Texas, one LangDormite used fresh Texas pecans to make a traditional Pecan Pie with a recipe native to his hometown.
Italian Pasta A LangDorm member from Italy cooked classic Italian pasta dishes with fresh ingredients and shared some Italian food-related phrases – Buon Appetito!
Quadratini Taste Test Various flavors of the classic Italian wafers Quadratini were sampled by LangDorm members in a taste test competition!
History of Boba with Dr. Eileen Chow In an exciting collaboration, LangDorm and CommuniTEA invited Professor Eileen Chow to teach about the history of milk tea, with everyone enjoying some free boba at the end!
Mythology of Holi with Dr. Leela Prasad Professor of Religious Studies Dr. Leela Prasad came to tell us about the festivel ot Holi! We learned about its history, traditions, as well as how much it means to some of our members of Indian heritage.
Spanish and Cultural Competence with Prof. Bethzaida Fernandez We invited Romance Studies Professor Bethzaida Fernandez for a talk on Spanish conversation and cultural competency! She also gave us a taste of delicious Costa Rican candy