IVIS Fluorescence/Bioluminescence/X-Ray

The IVIS Lumina in 1011 GSRB2 features small animal fluorescence and bioluminescence imaging. It also has integrated isoflurane anesthesia, and is located in an animal imaging suite along with the PerkinElmer FMT2500LX and the Pentax 225Cx microCT/irradiator allowing for multi-modality imaging and therapeutic studies. This system was supported by the North Carolina Biotechnology Center Institutional Development Grant and the Duke Cancer Institute.

The IVIS Kinetic in MSRB1 rm 239 allows for small animal fluorescence and bioluminescence similar to the lumina, with the addition of an EMCCD camera for rapid acquisition of fast kinetic data. This system was supported by the Duke Cancer Institute, Duke University School of Medicine, and HHMI.

The IVIS Lumina XR in CCIF Module 1 Room CA/EA features small animal fluorescence, bioluminescence, and X-ray imaging. This system was funded by the Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center.

Resources and Protocols:

IVIS Cheat Sheet



Luciferin in vivo book v1_130404

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