The Optical Molecular Imaging and Analysis shared resource (OMIA) supports small animal imaging and spectroscopy. These can be broken down into the following categories (see individual instrument pages for more details):

  1. Whole animal imaging
    • 3 IVIS  systems for bioluminescence, fluorescence, and x-ray imaging are available.
    • PerkinElmer FMT2500LX fluorescence molecular tomography system is available, which allows for 3D quantitative reconstruction of up to 4 near infrared fluorescence channels
  2. Intravital microscopy
    • Two intravital fluorescence microscopes are available, one upright and one inverted. Both are equipped with hyperspectral imaging capabilities, and one also has structured illumination capability for depth sectioned imaging.
  3. Surgical suite
    • Two surgical workstations are available, one of which is equipped with a Zeiss surgical microscope.
  4. Services
    • Window chamber surgical support is available to facilitate intravital microscopy at several organ sites, including skin, liver, gut, cranium, and lung.
    • Technical and surgical support is available for injections, surgeries, and development of novel models.
    • Support for data/image analysis is also available.

Cell tracking using intravital imaging of a mouse with fluorescent endothelial cells (red), macrophages (green) and tumor cells (purple).


Publications should acknowledge the Optical Molecular Imaging and Analysis Core and the support of the Duke Cancer Institute core grant.