A Snapshot of Community Engagement and Service

By the Numbers

In fall 2020, Duke Head and Neck Surgery & Communication Sciences (HNS&CS) began a partnership with Activate Good to provide volunteers to help causes in the local community. 

To date, HNS&CS faculty, staff, friends, and family have volunteered for over 10 events in Raleigh and Durham, including food banks, community gardens, and school projects. HNS&CS will continue partnering with Activate Good into 2023.

Members of Duke HNS&CS sort donations to the Durham Food Bank | Photo Credit: Leda Scearce, Duke HNS&CS

Here is a snapshot of what HNS&CS faculty, staff, friends, and family contributed when volunteering for an array of events with Activate Good in 2021–2022.

Pounds of Donations

Durham Food Bank

Pounds of Sweet Potatoes Sorted​

Raleigh Food Bank

Meals Provided from Sweet Potatoes​

Raleigh Food Bank

Diapers Packed

Diaper Bank of NC

Bales of Hay Stored

Horses for Hope

Community Gardens
Beautified Pre-K Playground

Engaging Youth in STEM

2 min read | HNS&CS is working to create a diversity pipeline to STEM careers through engaging youth from underrepresented populations in hands-on, educational projects.

Community Outreach and Education

3 min read | This year, HNS&CS organized and participated in numerous health education events.