Q&A with Steven Eliades, MD, PhD

6 min read | Hear from new faculty member Dr. Steven Eliades as he shares his passion for decoding the ways humans process verbal communication—an interest he stumbled across in what he calls a “fortuitous accident” as an undergrad student.  

The Complications of Hearing Loss and the Importance of Its Risk Assessment

3 min read | The communication barrier created by COVID-19 masks has created an opportunity to measure the impact of a breakdown in communication between patient and provider, and how this affects medical outcomes. Researchers at Duke have discovered a direct correlation between hearing loss and poorer clinical outcomes. Now, they want to understand why.

Researchers Find Potential Cause for Long-term Loss of Smell in Patients Post-COVID-19

2 min read | Most COVID-19 patients who lose their sense of smell eventually get it back, but many do not. Hear from Drs. Brad Goldstein and David Jang as they share their latest research in uncovering the root causes of long-term olfactory loss caused by SARS-CoV2.  

Duke HNS&CS Ranks #9 in NIH Research Funding

1 min read | The Blue Ridge Institute for Medical Research has released the rankings of funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for U.S. medical schools in 2021, and Duke University has been ranked #9 for NIH funding among Otolaryngology departments. This new ranking is an increase from the department’s #18 status in 2020. 

Read more about the department’s ranking on the Duke HNS&CS website.