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HNS&CS faculty, residents, and associates teach surgical skills, physiology of hearing, and the anatomy of the ear to 4th–6th grade students from marginalized areas of the Triangle. | Photo Credit: Dr. Eileen Raynor

Duke Head and Neck Surgery & Communication Sciences (HNS&CS) is working to create a diversity pipeline to HNS&CS professions through engaging youth from underrepresented populations in STEM and healthcare projects.


Building Opportunities and Overtures in Science and Technology

HNS&CS residents and medical students created three educational content programs comprised of one Science Saturday presentation (“How Hearing Works”), and two videos:

  1. “Laryngeal Karaoke” STEM Concept video
  2. “Duke HNS&CS AutoComplete Interview” Bio/Life Pathway video
Duke HNS&CS members teach young girls and allies surgical skills. | Photo credit: Duke FEMMES+

FEMMES+ Capstone Project

Females and Allies Excelling More in Math, Engineering, and Science

Janet Lee, MD, Assistant Professor of HNS&CS, Alexandra Belcastro, MD, Otolaryngology resident, William Reed, MD, Otolaryngology resident, and Tara Thomason, Duke School of Medicine student, taught students about hearing as well as how to suture, tie surgical knots, and use a flexible laryngoscope as part of the FEMMES+ Capstone program.

Janet Lee, MD, Assistant Professor of HNS&CS

Alexandra Belcastro, MD, Otolaryngology Residency Program,

William Reed, MD, Otolaryngology Residency Program,

Mary Ann Black Summer Internship Program

Participants of the Mary Ann Black Summer Internship Program. | Photo credit: Duke Office of Durham & Community Affairs

Jamila Minga, PhD, Assistant Professor of HNS&CS

Duke University Health System collaborates with Made in Durham and the Durham YouthWorks program for an education-to-career virtual internship program for high school students in Durham County. 

This paid internship experience helps prepare students to meet the workforce needs of our community.

Jamila Minga, PhD, and Harley Walter, CMA, share information about their careers in Duke HNS&CS with the interns.

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