Working with my 2010 Odyssey

I have bought a 2010 Honda Odyssey, it is in great shape and but it has 180k miles on it after driving 10 years. My goal is to test out the “vanper” concept, and my first step is to make sure it is in good shape. There have been some forum talking about potential problems about Odyssey in general. It is not super scary, but it is worthwhile to keep an eye on them

    About the sliding door, I follow this easy tutorial and try to lubricate it every year.
    Try to change AFT every 30k minimum. This is better and more thoughtful. It turns out experts suggest add/drain 3x in a row! Will try to do this in the near future. Firstly, I want to find a good deal on a bottle of 12.
    Change the engine oil following this easy youbue video
    Check the brake condition.
    Change the timing belt, water pump, hydrolic tensioner, drive belt, etc.

Engine oil leak related

2008-2010 Honda Odyssey Front VTEC Solenoid Leak can be fixed easily as posted here, and he posted an update video later on.
There is another VVT Solenoid on the other side.
Replace Gasket VTEC Assembly Honda Odyssey Accord that can cause oil leak also also. I think this is an older model.
To remove the manifold like a pro.

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