Servicing the 2008 Acura TSX

Here are a few items can be done easily

Changing the interior dome light bulbs
Flushing the Automatic Transmission Fluid step by step
Replacing the front break pad.
Replacing the rear break pad
Flush the break fluid common tutorial
Another brake fluid flush.
Fixing the windowshield a very clear video by a Carolinian guy.
Changed engine oil

When does one need to check the power steering fluid?

Recently, I feel a little "squeeze noise" when I turn the steering. I thought that it could be the weather as we are entering deeper into the last fall and it gets pretty dried up. Well, I happen to find out that the power steering reservoir is below the "low" mark. I top it up will Honda specific power steering fluid, and it does the trick.

The take home message is that the level of the fluid matters! And, it will cause squeeze if you don't fill it up to the correct level! Lesson learned.  

Install backup camera for my daughter’s car

I have bought two cameras, and I need to make sure they work
I need to purchase a monitor first.
This dual dash monitor has a better review, but I don't need this.
Here is a good video on how to mount a backup camera.
Here is another one which is very good also. 
A guy is working on his Honda Accord and he makes a good video.
Working on the license tag hole.
Could not get a video on Acura, found one for Lexus instead. Basically, need to drill a hole.
To direct the wire to the front, I need to remove the rear seat. And, this video is on 2008 TL, and this is much better.

Install a car dash camera

Need to purchase the equipment first.

To pair the phone via bluetooth

It turns out that I need to erase the "code" before I can proceed and I found this simple video to accomplish this.

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