Fixing the Kenmore Washer Machine

The Kenmore Washer at my rental home fails at spinning step. It seems that either the belt or transmission part. From the google search, there have been failures posted for this common problem. My friend was lucky and all he needed to do is to replace those plastic parts on the top of the spinning shaft. But, it can be as complicated as to fix the clutch complex, etc.

Mine has the follow information:

  • Model number: 110.27872600
  • Series number: CU3140210
  • To diagnose, turn to spin and push the button, one can hear the motor running but no spinning occurs. Here are some very good help videos from those DIY funs.

    A simple fix of coupler

    complex. Faulty motor coupler, or even the clutch complex. 
    Here it comes very handy video tutorial. 
    Another guy gives insight on his experience.
    Here is a video  looks much more professional.
    Haha, so many videos, and I want to give credit to those I checked.
    Video from Sears gives the step-by-step to replace the motor coupler. 

    The part is here, and it can be called “motor coupler” or “motor coupling”. It turns out that there are many options to purchase this part.

    But, it could be the transmission clutch

    To diagnose why the tub does not spin
    Same guy makes the part 2
    Another video on how to remove shoe stop

    Need to purchase the part

    This is website has the clutch assembly
    In fact, I need the C-clip or Ring-E
    I wanted to give him credit.

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