To assist in learning of vocabulary, David Stifler and I have developed a Memrise course. To use it, you will need to download the app or register at memrise.com. It’s free.

Memrise has a variety of ways of testing oneself, but I recommend the following as the initial procedure:

Set your browser to the starting page for the course: click here to take you there

  1. from the starting page, choose the chapter you want to work on
  2.  from the chapter page, choose Options>Preview
  3. the Preview mode usefully puts you into an environment where you can memorize the words. Click below on “help me memorize this word” and, if there are several, select the entry marked wjohnson925 (note however that not every word has one). I’m hoping that you’ll find my notes help you understand better and thus help in memorizing the words. Importantly, once you select that “mem” (as they call it), that will be the mem associated with that word for all time, and in future when you preview (or do other things) you will see my helpful hints. (Sometimes you might find a mem written by someone else that you find more helpful — choose that instead, of course! and you can also write in your own mems, to be shared with the class and the memrise community as a whole.)
  4. You can then use the iterative testing facility that presents you with lots of simple tests to see whether you have in fact successfully memorized the word.

For those on a Mac, to type Greek you need only go to System Preferences>keyboard>Input sources and add the Greek Polytonic Keyboard. (I will add instructions for PC once I get them.)