Final Exam

Part I of the exam will be the synopsis sheet. The one-page study sheet can be downloaded here: Synopsis. A blank chart for practice can be downloaded here: SynopsisBlank.

Part II will be other warm-up exercises, including principal parts as listed on our web site (>Principal Parts). Items in the assignments for chapters 25-28 are fair play. (Forms in earlier chapters will be tested through the readings and explication in parts III-IV.) Specifically, make sure to be on top of these: optative for εἰμί, εἶμι (p. 179), conditionals (see the handout), and the various verb forms (optative, perfect) that will be tested in the verbal synopsis section.

Part III will be readings from the textbook, with the usual questions for explication of points of grammar. These will be taken from the materials read in Book II, that is chapters 17-28α.

Part IV will be a reading at sight. To prepare for this reading, you will need to review vocabulary from the entire year, in addition to being sure that you are confident with identification of forms and grammar.

The sight reading will be based on one of the Croesus tales that is not part of the Athenaze selection, so you will want to read pages 5-42 of the translation provided here as preparation for this part of the exam: 01-Johnson-Book01.

(The translation is an excerpt from my book, called The Essential Herodotus. Your Athenaze textbook bases its text on excerpts from these stories, but often adjusts and changes details. For that reason DO NOT use the translation here as a basis for interpreting the details of the Athenaze text.)

REMEMBER THAT THE EXAM WILL TAKE PLACE IN ALLEN BUILDING 229, not our regular classroom, at 9:00 a.m. promptly on Monday 5/1/17.