Original Artwork and Essays:

Wanted by Evi Alexopoulos

Code Name: HIV by Angelo Bonomi

Giving HIV/AIDS a Face by Matthew Brague

I am Not Always Brown by Elizabeth Brown

Infierno Dulce by Gia Cummings

WHO is Development For? by Brian Grasso


“Unpackaging” the Narrated Box by Meade Inglis

New Day, New Future by Joseph Lee

Behind the Bars of Gender Inequality in HIV/AIDS Transmission by Kerry Mallinson

My Favorite Things by Jesse Mangold

Remedy for HIV by Chandler Moore

Breaking the Chains by Samantha Morales

No Say by Kendra Pallin

Destructive Attitudes by Hemal Patel

The Face of Stigma by Margaret Richards

Just One Pill by Nick Santangelo