Original Artwork and Essays:

Soaring above the Struggle by Esther Badiata


Publicized with a Price by Sarah Beaverson


Humumentism: Bridging HIV Narratives and A Humument by Luisa Bigal


Remembering the Innocent by John Bollinger


The Chaos of Rape by Risa Brudney


Untitled and by Ryan Fitzgerald


Thus Spoke AZT by Joshua Grubbs


Exposing the Humanity of Crisis by Lisa Guraya


Deliver Us from HIV – A Review by Kim Hallowes


Love, Loss and the Phenomena of Caregiving: An Analysis of The Giver by Carolyn Im


An examination of “Today and Yesterday” by Priyanka Kanal


Silence III Address the Issue: Unnecessary Censorship in HIV/AIDS by Wei Xuan Lai


A teary echo by Margot Neveux


The Problem with Stigma by Ellie Pasquale


Heir to AIDS: A Humument by Pranalee Patel


AIDS: an Introduction: A reflection on ABC by Austin Peer


Picturing Hope in Difficult Times by Gauri Prasad


The Warmth of a Blanket by Sarah Rapaport


Gender Defined by Christina Schmidt


Recontextualizing Rights: Using Humumentism to Change the Rhetoric around Women’s Reproductive Rights by Simone Serat


Breaking the Chains by Edom Tilahun


A review of “HIV through their Mind” by Andrew Wang


Out of the Darkness, Into the Future by Brooke Whitfield