Our faculty study the mechanisms and practices that influence human health. This research includes everything from prevention and management of chronic diseases that cause most of the death and injury in the United States to the way that health care is delivered, from the individual to the societal level.

Further training is possible:

  • In the curriculum we lead, the Clinical Research Training Program (CRTP) in collaboration with the Training Program in Clinical Research at the National Institutes of Health. This program offers a Master of Health Sciences in Clinical Research given by Duke University School of Medicine.
  • The Post-Doctoral Fellowship in collaboration with the Center for Health Services Research in Primary Care in the Durham VA Medical Center for both MD and PhD scholars with an interest in training in health services research. Training grants are funded by the VA Office of Academic Affairs (OAA).
  • New! The Researcher Onboarding Service is designed to ensure that our researchers are well equipped, early in their time at Duke, to succeed in the research environment. This means providing them with expert navigation from the start.

Research Training – Required

Methodologies in research

  • A wide range of methods are utilized by our general internal medicine researchers. Learn more.

Areas of research

Division faculty are international leaders in the many subject areas. Among these topics are:

  • Patient-centered intervention development and assessment Learn more.
  • Health services delivery and comparative effectiveness outcomes studies. Learn more.
  • Disparities studies. Learn more.
  • Quality, safety, and implementation. Learn more.
  • Population health and health policy. Learn more.
  • Medical ethics and the physician-patient relationship. Learn more.

Partnering with other programs and schools

Scholarship occurs primarily within the Duke University School of Medicine, but also partnering with other programs and schools, including: