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2020 GEST Activities at Home:

Aging of Fish and Sea Turtles: Learn how researchers estimate ages of fish and sea turtle species using hard structures and why it matters.

Aquatic Animal Veterinary Care: Students will learn how a fish health examination is performed, using anesthesia and diagnostic techniques to assess general health and look for parasites. Take a look at images of fish gills and fish endoscopy and see what a pregnant elasmobranch looks like. Also check out this helpful career path handout!

Bristle Bots: Students will make a Bristle Bot to take home. This is a little ‘bug’ that is made with the head of a toothbrush, a small vibrator motor, a small coin battery, and some connecting wire and tape.

Fish/Oyster Dissection: Dissect a fish (online!) or oyster to learn about their physiology and anatomy, as well as how they help the environment.

Living Shorelines: Students will learn about natural based solutions for controlling erosion and polluted runoff. They will also have a chance to explore a nearby living shoreline to learn about different types of wildlife that benefit from some of these methods. (Check out this oyster reef restoration video too!)

Say Watt?!?!: Students will learn about current, voltage, and resistance by building a clap switch circuit (Sound Triggered LED). Students will also learn how to make a simple phone speaker from wires, magnets, and a paper plate.

Studying Venus Flytraps: Students will measure venus fly traps just like researchers do, and discuss what factors affect plant growth.


2020 GEST Panel Discussion:



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Participate in the Virtual Expanding Your Horizons conference on April 18th!

They are currently planning a full day of engaging talks, panels, workshops, and demos that will be broadcast live via Zoom throughout the day.


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