Community Engagement

  • Day in Durham: Organized and led by Net Impact Club, Day in Durham is an opportunity for first-year Fuqua students and partners to learn more about Durham’s past, present, and future through a series of discussions and activities with community and civic leaders.
  • Sustainable Business & Social Impact (SBSI) Conference: The SBSI Conference brings together hundreds of attendees and speakers from the public, private, and social sectors to discuss innovative business models, collaborations, partnerships, and ideas that are creating lasting impact around the world. Learn more and register here.
  • Summer Internship Fund (SIF) Fundraising: The Fuqua Summer Internship Fund (SIF) provides financial assistance to first-year students who pursue impact-oriented summer internships, enabling students to learn about social sector management without making a significant financial sacrifice. Net Impact Club raises up to $30,000 each year through several fundraisers, including cap and gown rental for graduating students.

Careers & Academics

  • Career Programs: Net Impact Club partners with the Career Management Center (CMC) and the Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship (CASE) to host in-depth workshops and pop-up events about careers and professional opportunities in the social impact and sustainability sector. These events are designed to help students prepare for recruiting and understand industry trends that are critical for impact-oriented career paths.
  • Week-in-Cities: Week-in-Cities trips are short excursions organized by various student clubs at Fuqua to cities across the country during school breaks (fall and winter). Net Impact organizes up to two Week-in-Cities trips each year, which are designed to expose students to companies, organizations, and alumni across the impact sector. Net Impact has also hosted virtual career treks to support students recruiting for social impact.
  • Lunch-and-Learns: Lunch-and-learns are a series of workshops focused on different parts of the social impact and sustainability ecosystem. Each session features a conversation among faculty, students, and/or alumni on topics such as impact investing, education, corporate social responsibility, social enterprise, healthcare, and international development.
  • Academic Programs: Net Impact Club hosts academic sessions throughout the year to guide students on academic offerings, extracurricular opportunities, and skills-based trainings around energy, sustainability, social entrepreneurship, impact investing, and corporate activism.

Social Outreach

  • Social Events: Social events build community and camaraderie among impact-oriented students through fun activities and group outings. Our 2023-2024 calendar includes a number of social events! Stay tuned into the newsletter (sign up on FuquaConnect) to learn more about social events.