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2024 Theme: Building for Tomorrow

19th Annual Conference

The theme of this year’s conference is Building for Tomorrow. In today’s world, companies are constantly thinking about the sustainability of their business choices and how they can best prepare for the future. With more and more focus being placed on their environmental and social impacts, companies must act today to adapt and build for their success tomorrow. What does it look like when impact and sustainability are woven into the core of a company’s growth plan? How do organizations choose the social or environmental issues they care about and track progress to meeting goals? We’ll answer these questions and more at the 19th Annual Sustainable Business & Social Impact (SBSI) Conference. By registering you’ll receive access to all sessions, breakfast, and lunch on the day of the conference. All proceeds from the event will benefit Fuqua’s Student Internship Fund which supports students interning with non-profits, B-Corps, and Social Enterprises. You can learn more here.

Conference Agenda

2024 panel topics include....

Designing for Circularity

How can companies incorporate circularity into the life-cycle of their products? This panel will discuss the reimagination of product design, the sphere of responsibility of a company over their products, building up-stream and down-stream partnerships, and consumerism

The Ownership Economy: How Impact Investors Can Drive Economic Equity

Why is ownership important and what unique strategies are investors using to drive ownership? This panel will explore how impact investors can play a role in driving economic development and wealth generation through access to capital for everyday Americans.

Creative and Innovative Solutions for Climate Action

How can innovative thinking be leveraged to scale promising solutions? This panel will show innovation in action as experts in 2-3 different industries describe the challenges they have faced and how they leveraged innovative thinking to scale promising solutions.

Balancing Act: Navigating the intersection of impact and profitability in social enterprises

How can social enterprises continue working on social welfare while remaining sustainable and profitable? This panel will focus on how successful social entrepreneurs have created sustainable and innovative businesses and how they finance their business without compromising their mission.

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