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FEMMES+ Hacks 2019 will take place on Saturday, November 16th, 2019.

Sign up to participate here until 11:59 pm on November 10th, 2019!

Check out our GitHub page for more resources.

Note: These images are from past events. All students are welcome to participate in FEMMES+

What is FEMMES+ Hacks?

FEMMES+ Hacks is a day-long hackathon of coding, speakers, food, and fun for high-school students who are interested in learning more about computer science and programming. A hackathon can be thought of as a marathon of hacking, or coding. Participants will come together in teams to collaborate on various software or hardware projects to present at the end of the event. We welcome all students enrolled in high school (grades 9-12) – even if you have not participated in any FEMMES+ or computer science programs previously.

These images are from past events. All students are welcome to participate in FEMMES+

What to Expect at FEMMES+ Hacks

The day will begin with speakers and workshops focused on how to set up a development environment and introduction to developing. The day’s focus will be learning about and exposure to the tech industry, with a large variety of workshops available for participants to explore.

Breakfast and lunch will be provided, with an ice cream social occurring after the end of the event. 


Email or check us out on Facebook or Instagram.

These images are from past events. All students are welcome to participate in FEMMES+

Interested in learning more about programming? Check out these resources!

  • GitHub
  • Codecademy
    • Codecademy offers tons of introductory courses to various programming languages. The courses can be a little more time consuming, but help you practice writing and debugging actual code.
  • CodeWars
  • General Assembly
  • HackerRank
    • HackerRank allows you to choose from a large selection of programming languages.
    • The 30 Days of Code challenge is a very comprehensive introduction to computer programming. It introduces basic concepts as well as more complex data structures, such as Linked Lists and Trees. Each activity includes thorough tutorials paired with the challenge for the day.
  • HTML Dog
  • Khan Academy
    • The Computer Program section includes many interesting courses, such as introductions to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript
  • Learn Python
  • Mozilla Developer Network
  • Udacity: Learn to Code
    • This free course takes you through a 3 month introduction to HTML, CSS, Python, and JavaScript. This course is very comprehensive and, better yet, open to all levels of experience!
    • Opens September 18 (more intense – like an actual course)
  • iPhone Apps
    • Py
      • Py is a free app available on the Apple Store. It has many different courses with modules that are short and easy to understand. Courses include introductions to languages like Java, Python, R, Swift etc.
    • SoloLearn
  • YouTube

FEMMES+ is open to all that support FEMMES+ mission, regardless of gender. All students are welcome to join. FEMMES+ adheres to and complies with Duke University’s non-discrimination policy.