Registration for Capstone 2022 is NOW OPEN!

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These images are from past events. All students are welcome to participate in FEMMES+

What is Capstone?

The capstone event of FEMMES+ is a free one-day outreach program introducing students from Durham (4th through 6th grade) to math, science and engineering. Last year was extremely successful, with over 300 students in attendance.

These images are from past events. All students are welcome to participate in FEMMES+

What to Expect at Capstone

Morning: participants will receive tote bags and be escorted to their designated groups. Each group will have approximately 10-15 students, and will be led by two or three student leaders who will accompany the girls throughout the day. The student leaders are Duke students-graduates and undergraduates-who have an interest in math, science, or engineering. All groups will attend morning speeches given by a few Duke faculty members. After the speeches, each group will attend two 45-minute activities. Each group will attend a different activity during the scheduled time periods. All activities will be held in buildings on or near Science Drive, making them all within a short walking distance of each other. The groups will be led to and from each activity by their student leaders.

Lunch: After the morning activities, lunch will be provided in a campus cafeteria, and students will sit down with their groups to eat. Our faculty volunteers will also be eating lunch, so they will be walking around and available should our participants have questions or wish to get to know them better.

Afternoon: There will be two more 45-minute activities in the afternoon, followed by closing remarks at the end of the day.

FEMMES+ is open to all that support FEMMES+ mission, regardless of gender. All students are welcome to join. FEMMES+ adheres to and complies with Duke University’s non-discrimination policy.