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Saturday Program Registration for Fall 2016 is Open!


Registration for the FEMMES Saturday Program is now open. The program will run for 6 Saturdays in the fall — 9/24, 10/15, 10/22, 11/5, 11/12, and 11/19 — from 2:15-3:30PM in the Physics Building on Duke’s West campus. Please only sign up your daughter if she will not miss more than one session. Registration will close on Monday, September 19. Please make sure to complete the online form and mail in the legal release by then!




  1. Julie Daniels

    I’ve heard great things about this. Is there a companion program for boys (or for any kids)? I understand the emphasis for promoting science among girls, but would be great to know of programs for all kids.

    • Nur Cardakli

      Hello! Unfortunately, all our programs are for girls only. I am not sure if there are any similar programs for all kids.

  2. Pamela McCann

    When will parents be notified if their daughter has been accepted into the program?

    • Nur Cardakli

      We will be sending out emails today indicting who has been accepted to the program and who is on the waitlist!

  3. Hajnalka Katona

    Hi. We live in Chapel Hill. Would our daughter be eligible to apply?
    Thank you

    • Nur Cardakli


      Yes, while we do preference students who live in Durham, your daughter is still eligible to apply if there are enough spots! The Saturday Program for this semester has already started, but she is welcome to participate in our future programs.

  4. Mary M

    Hi. I realize that you would prefer students who live in Durham, but any chance of excepting a student who lives in Southern Pines, NC? Also, how do we get on your mailing list? I have a 4th grader (female) who in interested in and is good at math and science. I would like to expose her anything and everything in those fields. Thank you.

    • Nur Cardakli

      Hello! Thanks for your interest in FEMMES! While we give preference to girls who live in Durham, we’re happy to accept students from outside Durham if there are still open spots (which there usually are, especially for Capstone and the Saturday programs). To get on our mailing list, please send us an email ( — make sure to make the second AT a @ symbol) and ask us to be added to our mailing list!

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