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Submission Instructions

Please follow these steps for submitting a manuscript on ScholarOne.

  1. Create an account or log into an existing account at https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/evoInternet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox is recommended for accessing ScholarOne.
  2. Click the “Author” tab at the top of the page.
  3. Under “Author Dashboard” on the left, click “Start New Submission” and click the “Begin Submission” button.
  4. Under “Type,” select “Digests.” Enter the Title of your manuscript.
  5. For “Running Head,” enter the original article’s first author last name and “Digest” (example: Noor Digest).
  6. For “Abstract,” enter the 75-word abstract. (Please see the Writing Instructions page for details.) Click “Save and Continue.”
  7. For “Keywords,” enter the same keywords as listed for the original article. Click “+ Add” after each keyword. Click “Save and Continue.”
  8. For “Agent Question,” select “Author.”
  9. Under “Add Author,” enter your email address and click “Search.” In the pop-up box, click “+Add Author.” Under the “Actions” column in the dropdown menu next to your name, select “Assign as Corresponding Author.” In the pop-up box, click “Yes.” Click “Save and Continue.”
  10. Under “Reviewers,” click “Add Reviewer,” and enter the name, institution and email of the original article’s corresponding author. For “Preference,” select “I recommend this reviewer.” Click “Add New Reviewer.”
  11. The first reviewer’s name should now appear under “Reviewers.” Click “Add Reviewer” again and repeat the above step for the original article’s first authorIf first author and corresponding author are the same, you do not need to select another author. Instead, enter “Evolution Digests” (evolutiondigests[at]gmail[dot]com, Duke University) as the second reviewer.
  12. Under “Editors,” click “Add Editor.” Click the box next to “Moore, Kati” and “Chapman, Tracey”, and select “Recommended.” Click “Add Selected Editors.” Click “Save and Continue.”
  13. Under “Cover Letter,” write a short statement explaining how your digest adds value to the original article.
  14. Complete the remainder of the form and click “Save and Continue.”
  15. Upload your Word document and for “File Designation” select “Main Document.” Click “Upload Selected Files.” Click “Save and Continue.”
  16. Review your submission information and click “Submit.”