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Available Articles

The following articles (Original Articles and Brief Communications) have been accepted for publication in Evolution and are available for digests. New articles are posted every few days. To submit a digest about one of the following articles, follow the writing instructions and submission instructions by the due date listed.

Digests will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis, meaning that if two Digests arrive on the same day, we may have to decline one. Only one digest will be published for each article. Articles for which a digest has already been received are marked “Digest received.” Check this page before submitting to confirm that a digest has not already been received for your selected article.

Very rarely, two digests for the same manuscript are received within a few hours of each other. In that event, only one (typically the one received first) proceeds to peer review. We are very sorry when this happens, but because the submissions are manually curated, it is impossible to fully prevent this from happening altogether.

Please note that deadlines are approximate and subject to slight changes in response to publication schedules.

TitleKeywordsViewDigest Due Date
Variations of Mesozoic Feathers: Insights from the Morphogenesis of Extant Feather RachisesBottleneck effect, Burmese amber, evelopmental constraint, evo‐devo, Late CretaceousPDFJuly 23
Insights from a general, full‐likelihood Bayesian approach to inferring shared evolutionary events from genomic data: Inferring shared demographic events is challengingBiogeography, bayesian model choice, dirichlet‐process prior, phylogeographyPDFDigest received
Pathways to social evolution and their evolutionary feedbacksFrequency dependence, game theory, genetic relatedness, indirect genetic effects, kin selection, quantitative genetics, social behaviourPDFJuly 27