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Available Articles

The following articles (Original Articles and Brief Communications) have been accepted for publication in Evolution and are available for digests. New articles are posted every few days. To submit a digest about one of the following articles, follow the writing instructions and submission instructions by the due date listed.

Digests will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis. Only one digest will be published for each article. Articles for which a digest has already been received are marked “Digest received.” Check this page before submitting to confirm that a digest has not already been received for your selected article.

Very rarely, two digests for the same manuscript are received within a few hours of each other. In that event, only one (typically the one received first) proceeds to peer review. We are very sorry when this happens, but because the submissions are manually curated, it is impossible to fully prevent this from happening altogether.

Please note that deadlines are approximate and subject to slight changes in response to publication schedules.

TitleKeywordsViewDigest Due Date
Reticulate evolution within a spruce (Picea) species complex revealed by population genomic analysisCoalescent analyses, genetic divergence, introgression, Picea, population genomics, reticulate evolutionPDFOctober 16
Maladaptive phenotypic plasticity in cardiac muscle growth is suppressed in high‐altitude deer micegene expression, heart, hypoxia, Peromyscus, RNA‐seq, WGCNAPDFOctober 16
No evidence of sibling cooperation in the absence of parental care in Nicrophorus vespilloidesBurying beetle, Nicrophorus vespilloides, offspring size, offspring survival, sibling competition, shared environmental effectsPDFOctober 16
A genotypic trade‐off between constitutive resistance to viral infection and host growth rateevolution, host evolution, parasite, Plodia interpunctella, resistance, trade‐offPDFOctober 16
The evolution of epigenetically‐mediated adaptive transgenerational plasticity in a subdivided populationEpigenetics, mathematical model, migration rate, non‐genetic inheritancePDFOctober 16
The strength of sex‐specific selection in the wildMeta‐analysis, natural selection, phenotypic selection, selection gradients, sexual conflict, sexual selection, sexually antagonistic selectionPDFOctober 16
Legs of male fiddler crabs evolved to compensate for claw exaggeration and enhance claw functionality during waving displayscompensatory trait, functional coevolution, major claw exaggeration, morphological trade‐off, performance, phenotypic correlation, phylogenetic comparisonPDFOctober 16
Genomic data reject the hypothesis of sympatric ecological speciation in a clade of Desmognathus salamandersAppalachia, ddRAD sequencing, ecological divergence, niche modeling, speciationPDFDigest received
Environmental drivers of varying selective optima in a small passerine: A multivariate, multiepisodic approachClutch size, density dependence, egg‐laying date, fluctuating environment, selection episodePDFOctober 16
Developmental plasticity and the origin of novel communication systems: individual recognition in Polistes waspsdevelopmental plasticity, individual identity signals, sensory bias, sensory drive, genetic assimilation, individual recognitionPDFDigest received
Immigrant and extrinsic hybrid inviability contribute to reproductive isolation between lake and river cichlid ecotypesCichlid, hybrid inviability, immigrant inviability, lake tanganyika, local adaptation, reproductive isolationPDFOctober 16
Real‐time evolution supports a unique trajectory for generalized pollinationadaptation, bees, floral scent, generalized pollination, hoverflies, pollination ecotype, pollination nichePDFDigest received
Expression of additive genetic variance for fitness in a population of partridge pea in two field sitesadaptation, aster models, breeding values, Chamaecrista fasciculata, G x E, quantitative geneticsPDFOctober 16
Demographic noise and cost of greenbeard can facilitate greenbeard cooperationDemographic noise, greenbeard, coevolution, sociality, evolutionary dynamicsPDFOctober 16