Evolution is largely absent from medical, veterinary, and public health training, yet it is vital to tackling our most urgent health challenges, including emerging infectious diseases, microbial resistance, food safety, and cancer and other non-communicable diseases.

The Evolutionary Medicine Summer Institute (EMSI) provides computational training in evolutionary biology to students, postdocs, and faculty from medical schools, veterinary medicine programs, and graduate programs in public or global health, ecology, and evolutionary sciences. We also welcome clinicians and other practitioners looking to enhance their evolutionary perspectives and apply this knowledge in practice. In addition to the general tenets of evolutionary medicine, EMSI trains participants in computational methods relevant to addressing multiple global health challenges. This exposes practitioners to current research methodologies, and provides students and faculty from the evolutionary and biomedical sciences with concrete skills to enhance their research.

Thank you for a wonderful (and FUN) EMSI 2024!

Our wonderful participants and instructors at EMSI 2023!

group photo of some of the participants and instructors at EMSI

Some of the exceptional participants and instructors at EMSI at NC State in May 2022!