Executive Board & Committees

2023-24 Executive Board

President: Karina Cuevas Mora
Vice President: Jose Camacho
Treasurer: Debbie Badillo
Secretary: Paola Ramos Irizarry
Communication Director: Jacqueline Trujillo
Social Media Director: Masi Perez
VPs of Career Development: Carlos Monteagudo & Leslie Vazquez
VP of Coummunity & Social: Aitor Bracho
Fundraising Chair: Debbie Badillo
Chair of Sholarly Success: Aitor Bracho

Faculty Advisor

Raphael Valdivia, Ph.D


Community & Social

The Duke SACNAS Committee on Community & Social is responsible for planning, organizing, and conducting events for the chapter. For these events, an emphasis shall be placed on programming cultural (e.g., Latinx & Native American) and professional activities. This committee will collaborate with the Executive Board to propose and write grants to generate funds for events.


The Duke SACNAS Committee on Outreach is responsible for holding events that provide scientific outreach and service to the general public, members and Students of Duke University, and (specifically) Latinx and Native American communities of the North Carolina area. Events may be conducted in collaboration with other Duke University student groups or student groups within the North Carolina region, whose mission statements and actions align with the chapter mission.

Recruitment & Intersectionality

The Duke SACNAS Committee on Recruitment and Intersectionality is responsible for recruiting new members to join the chapter as well as providing resources for the Chapter’s Members. The interlocking identities of Duke SACNAS Chapter Members goes beyond researchers in STEM, and includes a spectrum of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, age, and disability. This committee will serve the Chapter membership by: providing up-to-date information on campus resources (e.g., contact info for the Center for Sexual & Gender Diversity), advocating for diverse career options and programing (e.g., Industry and Science Policy careers), and collaborating with the Committee on Programming to put on events that meet the needs of our members.