Welcome to the website for Duke PVS 2017-2018!

Our members range from undergraduates who are curious about the field of veterinary medicine to students who have wanted to become veterinarians since they were young. Regardless of the path, Duke PVS is here for students to share their interests. Members meet throughout the year alongside our great advisors to plan required animal and veterinary experiences, prepare for the VMCAS application process, and attend presentations from various admissions officers, past Dukies, and local veterinarians. Past PVS trips include a visit to the annual NC State College of Veterinary Medicine Open House. If you have any questions throughout the year, don’t hesitate to send any of the PVS executive board members or advisors an email!

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From the Duke Mailing List Manager, click the “Search for List(s)” button, search for “pre-vet,” click “prevet@duke.edu,” and hit “subscribe” on the menu to the left.

Contact us: 

Emma Weitzhandler (President) – emma.weitzhandler@duke.edu

Erica Blair (Vice President)erica.blair@duke.edu

Jacob Levine (Treasurer)jacob.r.levine@duke.edu

Melaney Mayes (Secretary)melaney.mayes@duke.edu

Andy Smith (Communications)andrew.l.smith@duke.edu

Dr. Vickie Eason, DVM (PVS Faculty Advisor)vkeason@duke.edu

2 responses to “Welcome to the website for Duke PVS 2017-2018!

  1. Hi I am a student in 8th grade my dream is to become a vet I was wondering what steps can I take in high school that would help me. And if you could send some information about your pre-vet program my way that be great Thank you.

    • Emma Weitzhandler

      Hi Kayla! Prioritizing academics and exploring as many STEM subjects as possible in high school is a great start to your pre-veterinary pathway. Also, reach out to your local animal shelter, veterinary clinic, and/or anywhere else with animals and see if they accept high school volunteers. An ultimate goal of pre-veterinary students is to gain a wide variety of animal- and veterinary-related experiences, and you can absolutely start in high school! Leadership experience is a plus, too. 🙂

      Pre-veterinary students in college must take certain classes, excel academically, and gain experiences in multiple areas of veterinary medicine to apply to veterinary school. Duke’s Pre-Veterinary Society exists to guide Duke pre-vet students through their college career and veterinary school applications.

      Best of luck!

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