Duke Men’s Rowing is an entirely student-run organization on campus. Each year, the club elects members to various positions. The team continues to be a wonderful source of leadership opportunities for our student-athletes.

Duke Men’s Rowing Executive Board 2020-2021


Kenny Moore, President, is a Senior from New Jersey. He has been a member of the Duke Men’s Rowing team for all four of his years at Duke and loves the team dearly. As President, he is in charge of team operations as well as the team’s external interactions. If you have any questions for him, email him at kenny.moore@duke.edu.


Nancy Beaujeu-Dufour, Treasurer, is a Junior. As treasurer of the team, she is in charge of all of the team expenses, dues, fundraising, and donations. This can be for things like regatta fees, boat maintenance and purchasing, the spring break trip, or the Family Weekend BBQ. If you are thinking about generously supporting the Duke Men’s Rowing team or have any questions about fees, please email her at nancy.beaujeudufour@duke.edu.


Kyle Campbell, Team Manager, is a Senior. He began rowing his freshman year having played various sports in high school. He was looking for a strong community and found it with Duke Men’s Rowing.  Kyle is in charge of recruiting, continuing to foster the great community he found himself in, and assisting with team operations. If you have any questions, he can be reached at kyle.campbell@duke.edu.


Ben Genender, Equipment Manger, is a Junior. As Equipment Manager, Ben oversees the well-being of the racing shells, oars, shoes, oarlocks, riggers, and coxing materials. He is an incredible asset to the team and would be happy to speak with you via his email, benjamin.genender@duke.edu, if you have any questions or would like to help the team purchase a new Hudson Racing Shell, Concept2 Oars, or NK Sports CoxBox.


Ben Howell, Safety Officer, is a Senior from Houston, TX.  As our Safety Officer, Ben is CPR certified and ensures that all of the athletes have passed swim tests. He also makes any sever weather arrangements and serves as a resource for the coaching staff. If you have any questions about the safety of rowing, please feel free to contact him at benjamin.howell@duke.edu.


Julia Wu, Head Coxswain, is a senior from California studying Ecconomics. If you are interested in coxing or have any questions about coxing for the Duke Men’s Rowing team, please reach out to her at julia.wu@duke.edu.