Men’s rowing at Duke is a highly competitive sport club. Founded in 1978, the team has steadily grown since then. We race at major regattas all along the east coast, during both Fall and Spring, with training continuing year round.


cap9Duke Men’s Rowing is based out of the Bertha K. Bergman Memorial Boathouse, a two bay boathouse shared with the Duke Women’s Rowing Team. The boathouse is located on Lake Michie, in Bahama, NC, about 20 minutes from campus. The lake serves as a reservoir for the city of Durham, where there are over 5000 meters of rowable water. Lake Michie is ideal for training for head races and has a 2000 meter stretch for sprints training.

On campus, we have our own erg room in Card Gym,  with new Concept II Model D ergs. Adjacent to Card Gym is the Wilson Center, where you can find the Men’s Rowing office and weight room used by the team.

Men’s Rowing at Duke operates under the Department of Intramurals, Sports Clubs & Recreation. We receive minimal funding from the school and rely on fundraising and donations from parents and alumni to support our operating costs. We also depend heavily on dedicated volunteers from the school and community for coaching.

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