SGIM 2015 Sneak Preview: DGIM Poster Sessions

SGIM 2015 Meeting IconThe SGIM 2015 Annual Meeting is just a month away. Division faculty will once again be a major presence in this year’s meeting. To whet your appetite, each week we’ll highlight some of the Division’s contributions to the Meeting, starting with a preview of poster sessions. The 38th Annual SGIM meeting will include poster presentations featuring contributions from 10 Division faculty members:

  • “A Blast from the Past: Resident and Faculty Attitudes with Reinstitution of 24+4-Hour Call at One Medical Center” – J.C Boggan; V.A. Patel; A.K. Zaas
  • ​”Should Primary Care Physicians Remain More Involved in the Care of Patients with Advanced Chronic Kidney Disease?” R. Greer; P. Ephraim; N.R. Powe; B.G. Jaar; M.J. Choi; F. Hill-Briggs; E. Kraus; C. Cook; L. Lewis-Boyer; L. Gimenez; J.K. Melancon; L. Boulware
  • “‘We Follow-Up’: Improving follow-up, communication and documentation of outpatient test results by Duke residents” – A.C. Swaminathan; J.C. Boggan; S. Thomas; J. Bae

  • “Patient-Reported Medication Adherence Barriers among Veterans Affairs Patients with Cardiovascular Risk Factors” – L.L. Zullig; K. Stechuchak; K.M. Goldstein; M. Olsen; F.A. McCant; S.M. Danus; M. Crowley; E. Oddone; H. Bosworth
  • “Effect of family history and genetic risk counselling for Type 2 Diabetes on perceptions of risk and control: Secondary analysis of a randomized controlled trial” – R.R. Wu; T. Himmel; R.A. Myers; E. Hauser; A. Vorderstrasse; G. Ginsburg; L.A. Orlando

Congratulations to everyone who is participating in this or other areas of the SGIM meeting!