Student Spotlight

“Duke Law is a great place to be a law student because of the Black students and Black faculty. Not only are we at one of the best law schools in the country with amazing job placement numbers, a collegial environment and amazing basketball – we also have a Black student population that is close knit and committed to lifting as we climb. I appreciate the way that every class of Black students at Duke Law has looked out for one another as well as our Black alumni and faculty. Our Black alumni constantly do everything they can to ensure we are succeeding at the highest level, and our faculty members consistently support BLSA events and career development in addition to securing clerkships. Picking a law school is about more than ranking, it’s about going to a school that will propel you towards your goals and support you being your whole self. At Duke Law, BLSA has ensured that Black students are always supported personally and professionally and this is why we continue to thrive at Duke Law and beyond.”

— Kameron Townsend, ’19




“Duke has become a home away from home for me.  I’ve become immersed in a close community of intelligent and interesting people.  Duke’s small class size and strong Black Law Students Association have been integral to that immersion.  BLSA, particularly, has given me a platform to launch my professional network and provide general support.  BLSA’s “Paving Pathways” program, which gives current students the opportunity to interact with successful black alums throughout the year, is a strong example of how BLSA sets students up for success.  However, some of my favorite experiences with Duke BLSA simply involve hanging out in the law school’s student lounge to talk, listen to music, and take a break from the academic rigor of law school.  There’s a community here unlike any other.”

— Donovan Stone, ’20