Prospective Students

Visit the official Law School Admissions page by following this link. If you have specific questions related to life in Law School or as a student at Duke University School of Law, we are happy to share our experiences with you! Feel free to reach out to any of the board members listed on our Officers page. We are happy you are considering Duke Law, and we look forward to speaking with you!

Why Duke Law? 



Administration Perspective:

 “I’ve been at Duke Law for almost 11 years and people always ask me why I’ve stayed so long. It’s simple really…the community! I get to watch people show up on Day 1, trying to figure out how to make it to Day 2 only to watch them grow, overcome, and thrive by the end of year 3. I get to be a part of their journey and their process. I get to celebrate their success and encourage them in their challenges. The cool thing is that I am not the only one! This is a place that everyone can find someone to be that person for them. That’s what a good community does. It cares for and strengthens its own so that when someone leaves they make another place better! I think we do that extremely well.” 

-- Ebony Bryant, Director of Diversity Initiatives

Alumni Perspective:

“If you want to go to a school where you can bring your entire authentic self to campus and the classroom, which includes, but is not limited to, the ability to be radically inclusive, deeply involved and “Unapologetically Black”, Duke Law should be your choice.  My time at Duke was one of the most academically rigorous, socially fulfilling and incomparably meaningful experiences of my life.  I can say unequivocally I would not have had that experience at any other law school and Duke Law will forever be the best decision I have ever made

-- Seth Pearson '16



Student perspective:

“Duke Law is a great place to be a law student because of the Black students and Black faculty. Not only are we at one of the best law schools in the country with amazing job placement numbers, a collegial environment and amazing basketball – we also have a Black student population that is close-knit and committed to lifting as we climb. Our Black alumni are committed to ensuring our success, and our faculty members consistently support BLSA events and career development. Picking a law school is about going to a school that will propel you towards your goals and support you being your whole self. BLSA has ensured that Black students are always supported personally and professionally and this is why we continue to thrive at Duke Law and beyond.”

--Kameron Townsend '19