AMWA is a student organization that supports female pre-medical students at Duke. It serves as both a welcoming community and a resource for members. AMWA will help to connect members to mentorship, research, volunteer, shadowing, advising, and networking opportunities. Our goal is to prepare members for the medical school process and to support them throughout their four years at Duke while promoting health and leadership. AMWA  will also coordinate group service projects so that we can make an impact in the broader community.

Members can register for National AMWA membership for $20 annually (this is encouraged but NOT mandatory). All AMWA members may also join one of the following committees:

  • Mentorship – Connects graduate, upperclassmen, and underclassmen AMWA members through buddy pairing and “families”
  • Service – Organizes group community service events to expand experiences and promote community outside of the classroom
  • Medical Resources – Organizes events related to preparation for medical school applications
  • Social – Organizes social events for AMWA members outside of the general body meetings

Come join us at our next GBM on Sunday 9/10 from 3-4 pm at Social Sciences 139!