Founded in February 2015, Duke Climate Coalition is an environmentally-focused group comprised of undergraduate and graduate students.

Duke Climate Coalition strives to mobilize student power through coalition building that first and foremost centers the experiences of BIPOC communities and the work that marginalized communities have spent their lives fighting for. We aim to leverage Duke University’s institutional influence to create just, high-impact, and system-level progress on climate change within marginalized communities with the understanding that the institution itself has caused harm to the very individuals that we hope to support. We resist climate and environmental injustice through our work by ensuring transparency within the university’s administration and fight for fair representation of community interests by holding decision-makers accountable for their climate and social responsibilities. DCC works in collaboration with its graduate student branch, Duke Graduate Climate Coalition (DGCC) to further these goals.

This year DCC has chosen to focus all of its efforts on divestment, endowment justice, and political education. We have also restructured our mission and projects to ensure that our work is rooted in climate and environmental justice.

DCC has worked on transparency and divestment issues in the past. After considerate student and community engagement, DCC celebrated the indefinite suspension of the Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant in May 2018.

Past projects include hospital energy efficiency, sustainability in Durham, the climate change lecture series and divestment. For more information on these campaigns, check out the Project Teams tab.