Positions Available

Several positions for postdocs are available in the lab. We seek people with different backgrounds ranging from Applied Math to Cellular and Molecular Biology. Interested candidates should be driven and interested in applying quantitative experimental methods to fundamental questions in developmental biology. They should send a CV and a cover letter expressing their interest in the lab to: stefano.ditalia@duke.edu

We are recruiting graduate students. Current students with an interest in the lab should email Stefano directly: stefano.ditalia@duke.edu. Prospective students are also encouraged to get in touch to discuss their interests. They should ultimately apply to one of the graduate programs at Duke.

We have positions available for undergraduate students in Biology, Math, Physics and Computer Science. Interested students should send their resume and a brief description of their scientific interests and previous experience to stefano.ditalia@duke.edu. Applications from Federal Work-Study students are welcome.

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